Watch Repair Guide Price List:

Our watch service and repair prices in Rochdale and Manchester and surrounding areas

Mechanical Watches

Watch service from £45.00
Automatic watch service from £55.00

Quartz Watches

Quartz watch service from £58.00

Watch Battery Replacement

Battery only £12
Battery and reseal up to 200m £24.00

FREE Evaluations

We offer a free evaluation for any work from a simple battery change to a complete restoration, our prices are a fixed quote, so there’s no need to worry about any additional charges.

Repair Services

Our repair services include battery replacements, straps, bracelet repair, crystal and glass replacements, overhauls and restorations. We stock a large selection of watch parts to ensure your watch is returned as soon as possible. We repair new precision mechanical and quartz watches.

We offer brand servicing, repair and restoration at affordable prices and a fraction of the turnaround time compared to local jewellers and manufacturers themselves. Every watch we repair is meticulously inspected, repaired, sealed then tested to the manufacturer standards.

Watch Repairs

Automatic & Calendar Watches

Mechanical watch movements, automatic or watches that need to be wound daily require a different level of service as they have hundreds of moving parts and require lubrication to ensure optimum performance and minimal friction and wear.

Watch Bands & Straps

We carry out a vast selection of replacement watch bands and straps, we can also provide basic repairs and valeting for your existing watch band or strap.

Watch Batteries

A quartz watch, which uses a battery doesn’t require a service until the battery needs replacing, this is 2-3 years from the time it leaves the factory production line.

Watch Crystal & Glass Replacement

Watch crystals can break, scratch or crack from impact or everyday use, not to worry though as these crystals are available to replace as original. We can restore the full value and beauty of any watch for a fraction of the cost of a new one. We select our stock of the highest quality finished crystals or cut crystals to fit any watch whether it’s a modern or vintage style.

Watch Overhaul

This service includes disassembly of the movement, ultrasonically cleaning and lubricating of it, polish the casing and bands, before the watch is re-built and calibrated. Most watch brands require a general service and a movement overhaul every 4-5 years. This is a safe and conservative way to think about preserving your watch.

Watch Quartz Conversions & Replacements

Replacing your watch’s existing mechanical or electric movement with a modern electronically regulated movement. We maintain the original appearance of the watch conversions do not alter the face, hands, lens or casing of the watch.

Watch Restoration

Restoration of your vintage mechanical watches is carried out with  care, skill and up most attention to detail. We don’t do trade repairs or restoration and we are uncompromising in our standards and restoration results, whether a watch is valuable in sentiment or monetary value, we adopt the same high standards and results in the restoration of your watch.

Watch Seals

For swimmers, divers or people who regularly get their watches wet it is essential to have the seals on your watch checked every 3 years and the watch pressure tested as part of any service, repair or battery replacement.

Watch Stem & Crown

The crown of the watch is the knob or winder on the side of the watch that is used to set the time. A stem is attached to the crown of the watch and goes into the movement. This allows the watch to be set and wound. Broken stem and crowns can be replaced with original parts to ensure the highest quality repair.

Watch Tune up Service and Battery Replacement

We recommend a tune-up service when your battery needs replacing to keep your watch and bracelet clean and preventative maintenance to keep your watch in perfect condition.


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